Georgian National Communications Commission Go to Website

Among other things The Georgian National Communications Commission is entitled to announce competition and auction for issuing license for radio broadcasting, TV broadcasting, usage of numbering and frequency resources.


Ensemble of Georgian National Dances Go to Website

Official website of Ensemble of Georgian National Dances – Bolneli is designed and launched by ITDC.


Georgian National Intellectual Property Center Go to Website

Georgian National Intellectual Property Center "Sakpatenti" is an organization responsible for receiving patent applications, conducting examination procedures upon them, and granting patents.


ZaraPxana Go to Website

Official website of ltd ZaraPxana is launched by ITDC.


Health and Social Programs Agency Go to Website

The goal of Heal and Social Programs Agency is improvement of health and social programs for specific groups.



Georgian State Electrosystem Go to Website

GSE is going to develop into a profitable transmission and dispatching company, one that meets the world standards; it will keep innovations continuously studied and introduced; it will satisfy the customer’s demands and turn into a desirable workplace.


Terracotta Group Go to Website

Terracotta Group is an independent asset and investment portfolio management company with a focus on industrial and real estate assets in Georgia. On behalf of various investor groups, Terracotta actively manages a growing investment portfolio, including interests in telecommunication, tourism, as well as residential and commercial real estate.


Goli.ge Go to Website

If you're a big football fan or you're simply are a type of person who doesn't miss a single match - grab a beer and visit www.goli.ge


Bank Republic Société Générale Group Go to Website

Bank Republic, who's 60% owner is Société Générale Group, is the oldest commercial bank in Georgia.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Go to Website

This new site has been optimized to serve much more visitors then before.


Supreme Court of Georgia Go to Website

Supreme Court of Georgia it is the court of cassation of the highest and final instance administering justice through all Georgia. It provides supervision over the administration of justice at common courts of Georgia.


CEGSTAR Go to Website

In accordance with the order of the President of Georgia the Center for Effective Governance System and Territorial Arrangment Reform was founded. It was the political will of the Georgian Goverrnment to carry out radical reforms on development of local democracy and decentralization process, exercising of real self–governance.

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