Government Solutions

Year after year, the Internet plays a bigger role in peoples lives. For most citizens of our country, the Internet has become the main method of information exchange. Demand for the quality and featured based government institutions' web portals is growing by the day. Modern web portals are not limited to simply information delivery method. They now serve as means for relationship simplification between the citizens and government institutions and in most cases process automation, which allows for the bureaucracy processes to be done online.

Government Solutions

In our ten years of practice, ITDC has successfully produced more than a hundred different government projects. Which makes it the only organization in Georgia which has the required theoretical knowledge as well as vast practical experience in developing and implementing online government solutions. Some of the projects developed by ITDC can be seen here.

Government Hosting


Besides that, our data center hosts dozens of government institutions' web sites.

In the recent years, constant hacker attacks on Georgian web sites has brought some good with it. We have learned a great deal about server security as well as so called DDoS attack control. Our data center is now protected by a security system implemented by the Estonian and American technologies, which will minimize the chances of loss of service during any future attacks. Learn more about our hosting service here.

Staff at ITDC professionally takes on any task as a complete project as well as individual cases.

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