Songbird -The Firefox of Media Players


Since the early days of MP3 files and digital music in general, we’ve all been using some media players to blast headphones and speakers with sonic pleasure.

Today it’s about Songbird. To be honest I’ve never heard about it before. Maybe I have and didn’t pay attention, but I’ve noticed a tag line “The Firefox of Media Players” and I just couldn’t resist.

Songbird is an open source music player, which has lots of features and has support for Add-ons. This means you can install additional features to go with Songbird and expand the functionality for your own version.

Like IT

  • It’s Fast! I mean it runs great! I mean, shit, its like Notepad fast.
  • Built-in browser, which works just like Firefox. In fact, at some point I even forgot that I was in Songbird.
  • Add-ons. Some are really cool! Since it’s open source, you can even write your own add-ons for it too.
  • Music blog subscriptions. You can subscribe to a blog and Songbird automatically downloads a new set for you.
  • Related content. Songbird goes out and finds everything related to current track; images, videos, news etc.
  • Shoutcast Radio inside.
  • Search everywhere; library, internet, music stores, your wallet

Dislike IT
I don’t really care about any of these, except for the first one. But, it still would have been nice.

  • Library. It doesn’t store all the music tracks in one place and doesn’t organize it the way iTunes does :((
  • Skins, which are for some reason called “feathers”.
  • Doesn’t play video files.
  • Doesn’t convert audio files.
  • Doesn’t have volume control like VLC.
  • Doesn’t have EQ.
  • Doesn’t make breakfast in the morning.

Anyway, I think Pioneers of the Inevitable did a great job so far and are working on the improvements. I’m keeping the player installed and will use it for now. Just hope updates are coming soon!


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Ana Toklikishvili
Open Society Georgia Foundation