World Ranking of Universities


Ranking Web of World Universities is a ranking of world universities and its data is usually updated once in a year. According to the new data published in the summer of 2011, Ilia State University topped the first position among the universities of Georgia. The list of ranking incorporates 12 000 higher education institutions.

The ranking is based on one of the most important criteria such as a visibility of the university. The visibility is measured by large-scale usage of webpage information and web presence of professors and researchers as well.

The taking of the first position reflects that the researches of our scientists as well as spread information about the works of Ilia State University are the most claimed and interesting.

The web ranking indicators are not related to the numbers of visits or page design. They are based on the global performance and visibility of the university.

The ranking covers not only formal (e-journals, repositories) but also informal scholarly communication. Web publication is cheaper, maintaining the high standards of quality of peer review processes. It could also reach much larger potential audiences, offering researchers and institutions located in developing countries access to scientific knowledge.

The Webometrics ranking has a larger coverage than other similar rankings. The ranking is not only focused on research results but also in other indicators which may reflect better the global quality of the scholar and research institutions worldwide.

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Giorgi Khatsakvadze
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