ITDC created a website for Planner, team of which consists of highly qualified architects, designers and constructors with a strong sense of personal responsibility. 

The challenge while working at the project was the following: despite the fact that Planner has been an old player in a construction market, the company had no website before. So, is the introductory point for Planner to enter the digital market.

The website is a starting point of the long-term partnership between ITDC and Planner, with future plans to concern the social media, innovations and ect.

Project Information

YOUTRAVEL Go to Website

ITDC created a website for a travel company YOUTRAVEL, offering tours in more than 15 countries of the world! Go to Website, launched by ITDC cooperating with Lithuanian company Interneto Partneris UAB, offers an innovative service for Azerbaijanian market which makes it possible to book and purchase airline tickets online.


Medical Corporation Evex Go to Website

ITDC created a  ​​website for medical corporation " Evex ", which is the country's largest hospital chain.

From the very first day of our partnership I recommend ITDC to everyone, because this is the case where I'm definitely sure their clients will be satisfied.

Tea Skhiereli