Interco Go to Website

Tour Operator InterContinental is one of the leading tourism providers  in Georgia; it has existed on the market for 23 Years already as one of most successful company in sphere of Tourism.


24 Saati Go to Website

ITDC created a website for Media Portal  "24 Saati", where readers have the opportunity to learn about the news on any topic of interest, including: news, politics, international, sports, society, education, science, social media, design, art, fashion, etc.


Public Defender of Georgia Go to Website

ITDC created a website for the Public Defender of Georgia.

The Public Defender is a constitutional institution that oversees human rights and freedom within the Georgian territory and jurisdiction. It reveals the facts of human right violations and fundamental freedoms and promotes the restoration of violated rights and freedoms.


Agency Of Protected Areas Go to Website

ITDC created a website for the Agency Of Protected Areas. The Agency’s primary responsibility is to manage Georgia’s strict nature reserves, national parks, natural monuments, managed reserves, protected landscapes, biosphere reserves, world heritage sites and wetland sites of international importance.


Tbilisi 2015 Go to Website

The website for European Youth Olympic Festival „Tbilisi 2015”, created in ITDC, provides information about the festival schedule, news, planned events and participans.


Sokhumi State University Go to Website

ITDC created a website for Sokhumi State University, history of which begins on February 5, 1932 when by the regulation of Georgian government Sokhumi Pedagogical Institute was founded.


Ambasadori Go to Website

ITDC has created a website for Ambasadori hotel chain.

Located in the heart of Old Tbilisi and in Kachreti, Ambasadori hotels offer ideal environment for both resting and business workshops, with the convenient guest rooms and conference halls equipped with the state-of-the-art technology.

For more information, please visit: http://ambasadori.ge/en


CFI Group Go to Website

CFI is a financial company, specializing in offering different types of loans such as mortgage, auto loans, business financing and pawn services. Find out more about their services and apply online, on the new website created by ITDC.


Molodini Go to Website

ITDC has created website for charity foundation “Molodini” which provides an opportunity for families and relatives to find their lost family members.


Fly.ge Go to Website

Fly. ge, launched by ITDC cooperating with Lithuanian company Interneto Partneris UAB, offers an innovative  service for Georgian market which makes it possible to book and purchase airline tickets online.


Georgia Builds Go to Website

Website provides information for construction companies to achieve internationally recognised quality standards in building and construction works by sharing relevant knowledge and experience in this field.


CYNC Go to Website

On the renewed website of CYNC you can get information about youth development activities and events focused on raising awareness on environmental protection, improvement of social values and promotion of informal educational system.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been working with ITDC since 2005 and we feel that they're experts in their fields.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs