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Tekka is a hand painted material that could be used on clothe or accessories. If you've never heard of it, you should visit this web site ASAP.


Transparency International Georgia Go to Website

Vision of this organization is to serve as the primary source of information for both the government and the broader public on corruption and reform in Georgia, to work with the Georgian Government and other organizations to limit the discretion of government officials, to  build and strengthen institutions, and to facilitate reform in sectors where corruption exists.


ProCredit Bank Georgia Go to Website

ProCredit Bank Georgia is a development-oriented full-service bank. Bank provides excellent customer service and a wide range of banking products. Bank's credit operations focus is on lending to very small, small and medium-sized enterprises, as they are convinced that these businesses create the largest number of jobs and make a vital contribution to the economies in which they operate.



LTD SAKAERONAVIGATSIA carries out the air traffic management in the Georgian airspace. Its most important task is ensuring flight safety in the Georgian airspace in the conditions of dynamic development of the global air traffic.


LKN Go to Website

Company specializes in geoinformation collection and application, satellite photography and other map sciences.


The European Commission's Delegation to Georgia Go to Website

The role of the Delegation as a diplomatic mission representing the European Commission - the executive body of the European Union - is to present, explain and implement the European Union's policy in Georgia, analyse and report on the policies and developments of Georgia.


Tbilisi Phone Book Go to Website

On this web site visitors can find out whos the owner of a specific phone number as well as find a phone number using an address..


irex.ge Go to Website

IREX began administering training projects and associated grant programs for professionals throughout Georgia in 1994. The programs and projects encompass a variety of fields, including university research and teaching, corporate management and commerce, government policymaking and diplomacy, jour nalism and the media.


alpe.ge Go to Website

ALPE Foundation is an independent nongovernmental organization that pursues professional communication activities aimed at strengthening civil society in Georgia. Social advertisement, media campaigns, and regular publishing activities, educational programs and trainings are the main instruments of ALPE's communication strategy.

ITDC stands out with inovative projects and complete commitment to the work they do.

Ia Gorgisheli
National Parliamentary Library of Georgia