Georgian Co-Investment Fund Go to Website

ITDC created a website for The Georgian Co-Investment Fund. GCF is a USD$6bn private investment fund, with the mandate to provide investors with unique access through a private equity structure to opportunities in Georgia’s fastest growing industries and sectors.


INFO VISA Go to Website

ITDC created a website for European Initiative Liberal Academy Tbilisi project  " Visa Liberalization Prospects : Civic Engagement and Advocacy ".


Tbilisi 2015 Go to Website

The website for European Youth Olympic Festival „Tbilisi 2015”, created in ITDC, provides information about the festival schedule, news, planned events and participans.


Molodini Go to Website

ITDC has created website for charity foundation “Molodini” which provides an opportunity for families and relatives to find their lost family members.


CYNC Go to Website

On the renewed website of CYNC you can get information about youth development activities and events focused on raising awareness on environmental protection, improvement of social values and promotion of informal educational system.



Climate Forum East Go to Website

The main goal of this website is to involve civil society in climate change issues. Initiatives and activities of the civil society plays key role in policy-making processes to protect citizens from natural disasters caused by climate change.


biomonitoring.moe.gov.ge Go to Website

Get all the necessary information about the protection of natural Bio-variety and the measures undertaken in this direction. Within the frames of the project, various useful and innovative programs are being implemented.

One of the programs included is an educational campaign - “Hour of Garden birds”, which aims to raise awareness of the garden bird species spread in Georgia among the schoolchildren. This will ultimately help young people to develop a healthy attitude towards nature.


New Downtown Tbilisi Go to Website

The  project New Downtown Tbilisi will provide multi-purpose buildings’ construction located on 74 hectare land. .


Georgian Democracy Initiative Go to Website

ITDC created a website for NGO which works on human rights protection and support the process of democratic changes  in Georgia.


Politbarometri Go to Website

Answer the 28 questions provided and this website will tell you, which political party's election campaign is the most suitable for you.


Cinema Go to Website

Largest cinema network in Georgia, equipped with the latest technology that provides highest picture quality and comfortable environment. Their website was created by ITDC.


Association ANIKA Go to Website

Assosiation Anika provides a range of services for children and young people with disabilities to protect their rights and get them complete access to quality education.

ITDC has proved itself to be a solid and reliable supplier, and expert in their field.

Kate Sidamonidze
The American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia

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