Georgian State Electrosystem Go to Website

GSE is going to develop into a profitable transmission and dispatching company, one that meets the world standards; it will keep innovations continuously studied and introduced; it will satisfy the customer’s demands and turn into a desirable workplace.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Go to Website

This new site has been optimized to serve much more visitors then before.


Supreme Court of Georgia Go to Website

Supreme Court of Georgia it is the court of cassation of the highest and final instance administering justice through all Georgia. It provides supervision over the administration of justice at common courts of Georgia.


100 New Enterprises in Rural Areas Go to Website

Project Objectives:

  • Facilitation of agricultural enterprises’ establishment
  • Increase of employment in rural areas
  • Facilitation of export



The Ilia Chavchavadze National Parliamentary Library of Georgia Go to Website

The Ilia Chavchavadze National Parliamentary Library of Georgia is a governmental organization under the Parliament of Georgia. It is the main book depository of Georgia, as well as the most important cultural, educational, scientific, informational and methodological centre.


Chamber of Control of Georgia Go to Website

The history of the Chamber of Control of Georgia (CCG) comes from 1918 year, when the National Council of the Democratic Republic of Georgia adopted Law on "establishment of State Comptroller's position" and the First State Comptroller Philippe Gogichaishvili was elected.


Tbilisi City Hall Go to Website

The main goal for this project was to develop an image-positive, informational and multifunctional portal for Tbilisi City.


Constitutional Court of Georgia Go to Website

Here, you will find information on the current legislation of the Constitutional Court of Georgia, the acts of the Court and information about its organization, powers and current activities, as well as academic articles.


Parliament of Georgia Go to Website

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Ministry of Energy of Georgia Go to Website

 Official website of Ministry of Energy of Georgia.


The European Commission's Delegation to Georgia Go to Website

The role of the Delegation as a diplomatic mission representing the European Commission - the executive body of the European Union - is to present, explain and implement the European Union's policy in Georgia, analyse and report on the policies and developments of Georgia.

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Khatuna Iosava
Ministry of Justice of Georgia