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National Archives Of Georgia Go to Website

National Archives Of Georgia protects the national treasures accumulated over the centuries. The building of the archive represents a free space, where you will be able to scroll over the various documents, while the revamped website of the venue enables you to get information about the activities and services of the archive.


Parliament Of Georgia Go to Website

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ITDC created a website for the Parliament of Georgia, which gives users the ability to learn about the parliament activities, its members, the Georgian legislation and the latest events in the country


Public Defender of Georgia Go to Website

ITDC created a website for the Public Defender of Georgia.

The Public Defender is a constitutional institution that oversees human rights and freedom within the Georgian territory and jurisdiction. It reveals the facts of human right violations and fundamental freedoms and promotes the restoration of violated rights and freedoms.


Training Centre of Justice of Georgia Go to Website

Training Centre of Justice of Georgia, whose website was created by ITDC, serves for full support of the ongoing legal reform in every sphere of public law in Georgia, and aims to help State Government bodies and other interested agencies in staff selection, training and retraining of employees.


Agency Of Protected Areas Go to Website

ITDC created a website for the Agency Of Protected Areas. The Agency’s primary responsibility is to manage Georgia’s strict nature reserves, national parks, natural monuments, managed reserves, protected landscapes, biosphere reserves, world heritage sites and wetland sites of international importance.


MSY Organizations Database

With this web-based registration system, developed by ITDC, youth organizations can register on a central database, which allows them to participate in various supporting projects carried out by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia


CYNC Go to Website

On the renewed website of CYNC you can get information about youth development activities and events focused on raising awareness on environmental protection, improvement of social values and promotion of informal educational system.



Information Centre on NATO and EU Go to Website

The main goal of Information Centre on NATO and EU is raising people’s awareness and understanding of NATO and EU through regular meetings and direct communication to the public and sharing the EU and NATO’s common values in educational institutions of Georgia.


Georgian Oil & Gas Corporation Go to Website

In Georgian Oil and gas corporation’s website, created in ITDC, you will get complete information about company’s main activities and environmental protection strategy during oil and natural gas exploration and production.


State Construction Company Go to Website

Batumi Technical University, the modern 5-star hotel in Anaklia, the stone processing plant in Tkibuli - all these projects have been successfully implemented by the State Construction Company, whose website was designed by ITDC. 


CESKO Go to Website

The website of the Election Administration of Georgia has been updated according to new branding and provides full information about the past, current and upcoming electoral processes in Georgia.


UNDP Go to Website

ITDC has redesigned UNDP Georgia's website, based on a new corporate style.

Working with ITDC has been distinguished and amazing. The main thing I got sure about is that, if there is a will ITDC is capable to develop a site in a week’s term, even the most complex one

Ana Toklikishvili
Open Society Georgia Foundation