Development Process

ITDC takes 8 steps in turning your dream into a technological reality. We have developed a process that's a perfect mix of optimized methods in achieving your and our goals.


  1. Introduction
    We listen to you. Much of what we'll know about your particular site will come from communications. We note the important issues and key phrases and suggest on their implementation both online and for your specific audience.

  2. Analysis
    Much of what's being said at the preliminary meetings is not in technical jargon. We help translate your needs into technical terms and deliver the scope of work being done to our team of experts. That's when we comeback with a custom tailored solution and a price quote.

  3. Research
    Before any work is done, we analyze the available materials at hand as well as the rest of the resources available to get a clear view of big picture. That includes researching the competition and the overall nature of your business.

  4. Structure
    At this stage we start putting together a mockup of what your project will look and function like, after all the milestones are complete. It is at this stage where most of the element details are worked out and documented. Once you approve of the skeleton, we move on to the development.

  5. Development
    Defined technologies and functions are reanalyzed and are now put together into a combined system. Thousands and thousands of lines of code is being written here to convert the visual representation and functional features into a working solution.

  6. Testing
    No system is ever perfect until humans test it first. We make sure that your solution has been tested on all popular technical platforms. As there are many means of doing something online, we test every method on your site to try and break the system. Then we document the issues, resolve them and test the system again.

  7. Implementation
    Your product is now ready. You can announce it to the public. We help you implement the system, this means moving it from our lab and publishing it to the World Wide Web. Yet again, test that all features are working properly and that your users will not run into any problems. Green light is on.

  8. Support
    When we sign the contract with you, we become Your IT Partners. This means we will stand by you and back the system we've developed 100%. If you happen to need our help at any stage of the project life cycle, we will be there.

Website Development Process

Our experience with ITDC is extremely positive. The unfailing professionalism of the ITDC team helped our website become one of the UNDP’s best public web resources worldwide.

Sophie Tchitchinadze
UNDP Georgia