Content Management System

ITDC Site Admin is a universal software product which enables creation, administration, update, and hosting of small and medium-size, as well as corporative style and internet portal websites easier and faster then using traditional methods.

ITDC Site Admin’s software core and template system is so flexible that it fits practically every website no matter what structure or level of complexity, from small presentation-site to complex information portal.

Its flexible and easy to understand interface enables to manage website content effectively without even knowing any programming language or assistance of HTML specialist. Corporate version also contains differential method of website content  control, which means the management of different sections of the website may be assigned to different departments of the company and respectively to different employees.

Without any knowledge of programming language, it is also possible to manage Site Admin-s integrated modules such as, poll, feedback form creation, newsletter sending, management of placement of different functional blocks, etc.

As a consequence to listed above, product fully supports stability and efficient functionality of the internet project, minimizes all costs concerning its development, administration, and update.


  • Fast development of website;
  • Low cost of development and support;
  • Ability to fit website design and structure;
  • Simplicity of website content update;
  • Multilanguage website support;
  • Ability to radically change website design without damaging page-content;
  • Ability to expand and/or integrate additional modules;

Main Features

  • Ability to add/edit sections and subsections on the website;
  • Visual editor of information formatting (WYSIWYG);
  • Integrated Georgian fonts placement converter (SP->UTF);
  • Ability of differential access of the website content editors;
  • Enabling/disabling of different functional blocks of the website and their placement management;
  • Wide variety of nonstandard page types;
  • Feedback form creator;


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Niko Kululashvili
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