Corporate Web Design

While working with medium and large enterprises as well as large government organizations, an extra attention and professionalism is a must. Today, in Information Era a mission of a corporate web site is much bigger than simply information delivery.

A modern website is a powerful marketing weapon, which serves as means to spread information, automate business processes as well as provide massive savings in terms of advertising and administration.

Corporate Web Design

With 10 years of experience in this field, ITDC has developed over 200 large sized project, most of which exist and grow today. At this moment of time, ITDC is the only company in Georgia which has enough resources and knowledge to take on any size web project.

Some of the projects developed by ITDC can be seen here.

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Our experience with ITDC is extremely positive. The unfailing professionalism of the ITDC team helped our website become one of the UNDP’s best public web resources worldwide.

Sophie Tchitchinadze
UNDP Georgia