Interactive Maps

ften times client needs to present a specific type of information at provide as a separate service so called Geoinformation. This especially is the case with government organization, tourism oriented commercial sectors as well as transportation and cargo companies.


Interactive Maps


Geoinformation on a website
It is possible to place any type of informational layer on top of high resolution satellite and aerial photographs as well as high quality maps. This basic structure gives us ability to process various types of objects, events or processes in any global region. For example, an object on the map can have a simple text information or a photo attached to it.

You can host the following geoinformation data on a web site:

  • Satellite and Aerial Photographs
  • Digital maps of streets as well as architectural objects
  • Transportation path details, delivered from portable GPS devices

Examples:  and


Satellite Photography
Today, satellite photographs give us an ability to visualize specific geographical territories in high detail. This means, it is possible to analyze geographical coordinates of a specific zone, buildings, distances and heights, bringing the real world closer to a virtual one, which becomes a small model of itself.

Any important object could have its own detailed text information as well a photo image. Any object could be interactive, which means that after we zoom in on it, rotate it and click - we will get complete available information for this object from geoinformation database. A map database could include streets, buildings, names of the organizations dwelling in those buildings as well as simple search of movable objects on the map with GPS devices.


Virtual Tours
From the street map, a visitor can pick a direction and view it in a specific 360 degree environment. Practically, a site visitor can go through a virtual tour of a specific location without ever physically visiting the location.

Example could be seen here

With a wire range spread of GPS technology it is also possible to monitor transport using an online solution. Systems like this become more and more popular and ITDC actively develops solutions in this area.

The young staff at ITDC are real professionals. Delegation's web site is working without missing a beat and that's because it's in their hands.

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