Online Advertising

Internet has become an inseparable part of our lives. More and more people spend more time in front of their computers instead of (for example) televisions. This is a process that is irreversible. Every year, a number of active online users in Georgia is growing by minimum of 50%.

Therefore, online advertising is becoming more and more effective by the day. It gives us an possibility to reach to wider audiences in specific social and demographic groups. Same effect elsewhere is at times impossible and most of the time much more expensive.


ინტერნეტ რეკლამა

ITDC presents online advertizing campaign planning and management using our own as well as our advertising partners' resources.

  • Banner and Video advertizing on the most popular web site in Georgia –
  • Banner and contextual advertizing on 200 popular Georgian websites at the same time using our partner company AdsPay's resource –
  • Targeted banner and contextual advertizing on google, youtube, yahoo, facebook, msn and other mega web networks.
Qualified professionals at ITDC can easily find any problems on an existing site and easily resolve them.

Tamuna Dograshvili